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Date Artist Venue Location
2012-10-24 Wilco E-Werk CologneGermany
2012-10-23 Wilco CCH (saal 2) HamburgGermany
2012-10-22 Wilco Theaterhaus StuttgartGermany
2012-08-11 Wilco Haldern Festival Rees-HaldernGermany
2011-11-12 Wilco Tempodrom    Tempodrom home page BerlinGermany
2011-11-11 Wilco Rolling Stone Weekender WeißenhausGermany
2011-11-09 Wilco Circus Krone MunichGermany
2011-11-08 Wilco Alte Oper FrankfurtGermany
2009-11-07 Wilco Ferienpark Weissenhäuser StrandGermany
2009-08-21 Wilco Highfield Festival    Highfield Festival home page HohenfeldenGermany
2007-05-28 Wilco Longhorn    Longhorn home page StuttgartGermany
2007-05-26 Wilco Alter Schlachthof    Alter Schlachthof home page DresdenGermany
2007-05-25 Wilco Grosse Freiheit 36 HamburgGermany
2007-05-24 Wilco Kesselhaus    Kesselhaus home page BerlinGermany
2007-05-23 Wilco Live Music Hall    Live Music Hall home page CologneGermany
2005-09-11 Wilco Markthalle    Markthalle home page HamburgGermany
2005-09-10 Wilco Postbahnhof    Postbahnhof home page BerlinGermany
2005-09-08 Wilco Live Music Hall    Live Music Hall home page CologneGermany
2005-09-07 Wilco Backstage    Backstage home page MunichGermany
2004-07-03 Wilco Rheinkultur Festival    Rheinkultur Festival home page BonnGermany
2004-06-27 Wilco Southside Festival    Southside Festival home page StuttgartGermany
2004-06-26 Wilco Eichenring    Eichenring home page    (Hurricane Festival) ScheesselGermany
2002-05-19 Wilco Rock Im Park Festival, Frankenstadium MunichGermany
2002-05-18 Wilco Nuerburgring    Nuerburgring home page    (Rock am Ring Festival) NurembergGermany
2002-05-17 Wilco Prime Club CologneGermany
2002-05-16 Wilco Gruenspan HamburgGermany
2002-02-21 Jeff Tweedy Tanzhalle St. Pauli    Tanzhalle St. Pauli home page HamburgGermany
1999-07-13 Wilco Horse Riding Stadium MunichGermany
1999-07-09 Wilco Loreley Festival LoreleyGermany
1999-07-08 Wilco Hirsch NurnbergGermany
1999-07-07 Wilco Rohre StuttgartGermany
1999-06-30 Wilco Hechelei BielefeldGermany
1999-06-29 Wilco Columbia Fritz BerlinGermany
1999-06-27 Wilco Festhalle FrankfurtGermany
1999-06-26 Wilco Oberhausen Arena OberhausenGermany
1999-03-25 Wilco Gruenspan HamburgGermany
1997-03-26 Wilco Strom MunichGermany
1997-03-25 Wilco Luxor CologneGermany
1997-03-24 Wilco Logo HamburgGermany
1997-03-23 Wilco Nachtieben FrankfurtGermany
1996-12-09 Wilco Knust HamburgGermany
1996-12-08 Wilco Loft BerlinGermany
1996-12-07 Wilco Substanz    Substanz home page MunichGermany
1996-12-06 Wilco Luxor CologneGermany
1995-07-07 Wilco Charterhalle MunichGermany
1995-07-06 Wilco Batschkapp FrankfurtGermany
1995-07-05 Wilco MTC CologneGermany
1995-07-02 Wilco Markthalle    Markthalle home page HamburgGermany
Listing 1 - 48 of 48 results.